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M39 Aircraft Cannon

M39 Aircraft Cannon

M39A2 & M39A3 variants

The M39 A2 and A3 are gas operated, electrically primed revolver type cannon. They fire the M50 series belted ammunition with disintegrating links. The complete cannon assembly is contained in a steel welded cradle unit which incorporates aircraft mounting points at the front barrel entry position and cradle rear. They can be mounted in any position on the longitudinal axis to suit specific aircraft requirements and be fed from the right or left hand side.

Product support

AEI offers its customers full logistical, technical and spares support. The specialist design expertise within the company enables us to offer the highest level of product support essential fo­r the efficient and effective operational role demanded of the equipment. This covers every aspect of the gun, its interfacing equipment and associated tools and gauges as well as the resolution of technical queries and advice on gun repairs. AEI’s high inventory level of shelf spares plus our computerised information system guarantee fast order processing (including an AOG service) and minimum turnaround times. All these factors combine to give AEI a justifiable world-wide reputation for the highest standards of customer service, support and satisfaction.

Support equipment

AEI offers the full range of tools, gauges and support equipment, all of which are generally available from stock.

Refurbishment and Servicing

Customers complete guns and/or components are rebuilt/serviced at AEI’s modern UK plant utilising the latest techniques and standards. During this process, each component is critically examined and, where necessary, replaced by a new component prior to rebuild, proof and test firing, if required. All design, manufacture and tests are carried out the highest standards in accordance with our BS EN ISO 9001 approval.

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